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Committed to providing quality, student-focused, special education services
Committed to providing quality, student-focused, special education services
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2017-2018 CPI trainings offered by Macon-Piatt Special Education
These trainings are for teachers, related service providers, and new employees.
* Sessions that are after school are split in to two sessions 1.5 hours each. You must attend both to be recertified.
Note: DPS and MPSED TAs and security guards will take their refresher training on Aug 14th in the pm or 15th am or pm, unless newly employed. Registration for these sessions is required. TAs through MLP and Security through Risé.

SV and AO will refresh in 2018/2019.

County staff can register for a training session by e-mailing Risé Davis at

Questions? Call or email Risé --- 217-855-6976 /

See the Google maps below for directions.
CPI training locations and directions:
Mt. Zion Intermediate School
Professional Development Institute,
Macon-Piatt Special Education Training Room
The MPSED Training room can be accessed through the double doors labelled G, facing Franklin St. Please use the parking lot on the other side of the viaduct.
ROE Professional Development Opportunities

The Regional Office of Education is currently offering the following Professional Development Opertunities for teachers.

October 11th - K-5 Computer Science Fundamentals with (Michele Roberts, IUPUI)
October 17th - Close Reading, Informational Text, and Text Dependent Questioning (Barb Preston)
October 18th - Autism Spectrum Disorders and Educational Interventions (Julie Hoyland, BCBA)
October 20th - Google Apps, Addons, and Extensions (Walker Willis, Area 4 LTC)
October 23rd - New Leader Networking (Dr. Nancy Brodbeck)
October 24th - Three Types of Writing (Barb Preston)
October 26th - Robotic Playground (Becky McDowell, Area 4 LTC)

Lift Training Video
In order to watch this video and complete the attached questionaire please contact Angie Held, MPSED Pyshical Therapist, to get the required user login id and password. Video Link
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