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Physical Restraint & Time Out
For Immediate ReleaseWednesday, November 20, 2019

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) announced today that it will take emergency action to end the use of isolated seclusion in Illinois schools. ISBE also will take steps to improve data collection on all instances of time-out and physical restraint in schools, as well as immediately begin investigating known cases of isolated seclusion to take appropriate disciplinary and corrective action.   

ISBE will work with lawmakers and stakeholders on legislative action and will issue further communication as these steps are taken.

For more information visit the ISBE website

Use ISBE's new form to report any Physical-Restraints and/or Time-Outs: Physical-Restraint-Time-Out-Form
App Requests
When submitting iPad App Requests for yourself and/or your student(s) please use the following link and procedures. All iPad App Requests should be submitted using the DPS61 Help Desk System. Please note that all requested apps for students must meet the US federal laws for protection of student data integrity.

1. Use this link: If this link does not work for you, copy and paste the link directly into your browser.

2. Log In:  Your DPS61 Email & Password   

3. Request Type:  iPad           Next Box:  iPad App Request     Next Box:  MPSED App Request

4. Request Detail:  Purpose/Goal/Reason for App Request if needed/desired

5. Student ID:  For Student-Enter their ID           For Yourself-Enter 0

6. App Request- App Name:  Exact Name of the App or for Core Suite of Apps either Life Skills or Essential Skills just enter  Life Skills or Essential Skills CANNOT BE BLANK

7. App Request- Cost of App:  Free Apps are 0, Core Suite of Apps either Life Skills or Essential Skills are 0, or the amount of the App if there is a cost CANNOT BE BLANK

8. App Request- URL Link:  Copy & Paste link from the App Store/If for Core Suite of Apps either Life Skills or Essential Skills just enter Life Skills or Essential Skills here. CANNOT BE BLANK

9. Core Suite of APPs:  Click either Essential Skills or Life Skills if requesting or Other for all other Apps CANNOT BE BLANK

10. Full Name:  Your Name or the Student’s Name CANNOT BE BLANK

11. Carbon Copy (Cc:) IF you choose to send a Carbon Copy of this request to someone

12. Attachments:  If you choose to attach a file to your Request

13. Location:  Your Location or the Student’s Location

14. Be sure to click the Save Button

15. You should receive an Email letting you know your Request was Submitted & the System will notify Jim Robinson of the Request.

16. Jim Robinson will Approve or Deny the Request.

17. Once Jim Robinson Approves or Denies Request you will receive notification of this.

18. If Request is Approved DPS61 I.T. will push the app to the devices “Self Service” icon for you to install.
Response to Interventions
Measurable Goals
Writing Measurable Goals

Our friends at the Illinois State Board of Education wanted to make sure we passed along the following links to help with understanding the process for writing measurable goals.  This is also embedded in the updated Power Point, and subsequent PDF of the notes section.  

Developing Meaningful IEPs and Utilizing the New Illinois Learning Standards at (under "Recent Webinars"); and

The webinar in section A is approximately 45 minutes long.  The Quality tutorial is a project from the University of Illinois – Champaign.  Some of our teachers participated in this project in the past few years.  

Please do not hesitate to ask questions.  We recognize some of our goals are harder to benchmark in the format we outlined earlier.  Related service providers have begun the discussion in focus groups to determine best solutions for each unique area.  Contact your SEA liaison if you would like to learn more information.  

Download Writing Measurable Goals presentation (PDF Version)

CPI Training
Updated CPI Schedule for 2022-2023 School Year
                                                                                                                                                               July, 2021
Here is our Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) plan for school year ‘22-’23.
Please remember that ISBE changed training requirements in 2020. Now each CPI trained employee must be refreshed each year for a total of 8 hours. Initial trainings are also 8 hours.
Please note that CPI training is not a PD opportunity for just anyone, but a program specifically for those who are assigned to be on a building crisis team; and or for MPSED program staff working with special education students.
County schools-
Refresher training:
  • CPI Refreshers for county staff will be scheduled district by district. Books and supplmental materials will be delivered prior to the scheduled date and picked up the day of training.
Decatur Public Schools-
Refresher training:
  • CPI Refreshers will be held for DPS staff on August 12 in the gym at William Harris (620 E. Garfield) Sessions will be at 9am, 11am, and 1pm. Sign up in My Learning Plan. The supplemental work and tests will be discussed at that time.
  • CPI Refreshers will also be held for DPS staff on each of the 8 early release days. Sessions will be at 11am, 12:15pm, and 1:30pm in the guym at William Harris (620 E. Garfield). Sign up via My Learning Plan. The Supplemental work and tets will be discussed at that time.
Initial Training-:
    • CPI Initial Trainings will be the first Tuesday of each month (as needed...i.e. at least 8 participants). Sign up via My Learning Plan
    • Sept 6, Oct 4, Nov 1, Dec 6, Jan 10, Feb 7, March 7, April 4

21-22 Initial CPI Training class dates
Training Site
Sept 21, 2021Student Services Training Center
Oct 13, 2021
Student Services Training Center
Nov 10, 2021
Student Services Training Center
Jan 11, 2022IEA Office
March 9, 2022
Student Services Training Center
SSTC - Student Services Training Center
On the corner of Franklin and Cerro Gordo Streets. Look for the sign indicating Student Services and Training Center. Enter the double silver doors. Park in the lot under the viaduct.
Mt. Zion Intermediate School
Professional Development Institute,
Other Trainings
Lift Training Video
In order to watch this video and complete the attached verfication please contact Angie Held, MPSED Pyshical Therapist, to get the required user login id and password needed to access the video link below.
Additional Resouces
Below are some websites and links which staff and teachers might find helpful.
Additional Resources:

We are committed to improving the accessibility of our site to all of our visitors. If you have any difficulties or suggestions, please let us know:
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