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Speech Pathologists (Tentative Assingments)

Decatur Schools
School / Speech Pathologist
School / Speech Pathologist
American Dreamers STEM / (Open)
Baum / Mary Fafara
Dennis (both campuses) / Jane Innis, Steve Judson
Eisenhower / Steve Judson
Franklin Grove / Sabrina Barnett
Hope Academy / Mary High, Lynn Remmert, (Open)
Johns Hill / Emily Villarreal
MacArthur / Mary High
Montessori Academy of Peace / Barb Nadler, Jennifer Raleigh
Muffley / Natalie Gower
Parsons / Ashley Ignatowski, Emily Villarreal
Pershing, Headstart, Early Childhood Satellites / Camille Benning, Chandler Hutchins, Cassie Mavis, Tonya Peters, Jennifer Sickles
Robertson / (Open)
South Shores / Lesley Ellison, Jane Innis
Stephen Decatur / (Open)
County Schools
School District / Speech Pathologist
School District / Speech Pathologist
Argenta-Oreana / Molly Macklin
Bement / (Open)
Central A&M / Courtney Rowcliffe
Cerro Gordo / (Tess Spengler)
Deland-Weldon / (Open)
Maroa-Forsyth / (Open)
Meridian / Jill Chlebus
Monticello / Ashley Barnes, Rachel Caldwell, Mara Frerichs
Mt. Zion / Nicole Becker, Rachael Connelly, Jessica Summers
Sangamon Valley / Maggie Sullivan
Warrensburg-Latham / Emily Tolly
Private and Parochial Schools
ALL MPSED / Mallory Baker
MPSED SLP Mentoring/Support
ALL MPSED / (Open)
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