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Social Workers
Decatur Schools
School / Social Worker
School / Social Worker
Baum / Alison Stone
Dennis / Abby Steele
Durfee / Vacant
Eisenhower / Terry Cook, Ty Douglass
Enterprise / Lori Griffy
Franklin / Vacant
French / Vacant
Garfield / Tracey Daniels
Harris Alt Ed Center /  Lisa Cacciatori
Hope Academy / Becky Quinn
Johns Hill / Vacant
MacArthur / Kelly Terhark, Vacant
Muffley / Jennifer Eastham
Oak Grove / Vacant
Parsons / Stacy Benda
Pershing / Ann Eaton, Vacant
Robertson / Diane McIntosh
South Shores / Joshua Fazekas
Special Ed Alt Program / Jessica St. Pierre, John Power
Stephen Decatur / Julie Dahlke, Diane McIntosh, Angela Young
Stevenson / Elizabeth Howley
County School Districts
School District / Social Worker
School District / Social Worker
Argenta-Oreana / Kathleen Outzen
Bement / Jill Clodfelter
Central A&M / Nichole Ekiss
Cerro Gordo / Shelley Frye
Deland-Weldon / Shelley Frye
Maroa-Forsyth / Stacy Goodwin, Jessica Hill
Meridian / Vacant
Monticello / Allison Lanphear, Alane Phelps, Shelly Beery
Mt. Zion / Marie Baker, Stephanie Fitzpatrick-Hovey, Jennifer Fultz
Sangamon Valley /Andrew Flenner
Warrensburg-Latham / Jessica Clarkson, Ashley Swallow
Social Worker Interns
Building(s) / Intern
Buildings / Intern
Dennis, SEAP / Kara Anderson
Enterprise /Mary Taylor
Muffley / Alice Paul
Parsons, MacArthur / Lyndi Elliot
South Shores, SDMS / Julie Lauper
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