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Committed to providing quality, student-focused, special education services
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Questions and Answers

FileMaker Pro
Can I have more than one window open at a time?
Yes you can. It is possible to have not only two windows, but many windows all open at the same time viewing different students, different forms for the same or different student(s), or even accessing different parts of the program. Each window acts completely indently of the others. To open multiple windows:
What is the name of the MPSED FileMaker Server Host?
The MPSED FileMaker Server host name is:

When I open FileMaker Pro all I see is a tutorial. Or, I just get a blank startup window wanting me to open a file. What do I do?
By default the first time you run FileMaker Pro you will either see a blank startup window in the older versions of FileMaker Pro, or it will open a tour / tutorial file. This is completely normal. The MPSED host is not automatically available nor is the SEDS file listed. The MPSED host must be added to your list of favorite hosts once on each machine you login on. Favorite hosts are now stored by user, not by machine. As a result even if someone else has previously used FileMaker on the computer before you and added the host to their login, you too will still need to add the host also.

How you add the host and open SEDS the first time is slightly different depending on which version of FileMaker Pro you are using. I have created PDFs with instructions on how to add the MPSED host to the various versions of FileMaker Pro. Please select the link below which corresponds to the version of FileMaker Pro that you are using. You will need to follow the instructions below once on each machine you use.

How do I get FileMaker Pro to remember my account name?

  • Open FileMaker Pro
  • Select Preferences under the Edit menu at the very top of the window
  • On the very first tab, General, enter your SEDS account name in the box next to "User name:"
  • Click "OK"
  • Open FileMaker Pro
  • Select Preferences under the FileMaker Pro menu at the very top of the window
  • On the very first tab, General, Click "Other" instead of System under the User Name section
  • Enter your SEDS account name in the box next to "Other"
  • Click "OK
How do I add the MPSED host information to FileMaker?
The first time you run FileMaker Pro on a machine you haven't used before you will need to add the MPSED host in order to beable to get to and open SEDS. How you add the host varies slightly depending on which version of FileMaker Pro you are using. Please select the appropriate link below for instructions for which version you are using.
There are restore buttons for both the main FileMaker Pro window and the internal SEDS window. Click the restore down button for SEDS.
    • Open FileMaker Pro and login to SEDS as usual.
    • Navigate to your first form.
    • Go up to the view menu at the vary top of the FileMaker window.
    • Select "New Window" from the view menu.
    • You now have two identical windows!
    • Click the restore button for SEDS not FileMaker Pro. See image at right.
    • You can now move and resize the windows as desired and work with them indepent
    • Click on either window to activate it and use it as normal.
    • When you are done, simply close one of the windows using the "X" in that window's upper right corner.
FileMaker Go
How do I install FileMaker Go on my iPad?
The following are instructions on how to download and configure various versions of FileMaker Go. Please note, just like with FileMaker Pro you will need to add the MPSED host once FileMaker Go has been downloaded and installed.
Can I install FileMaker Go on my personal iPad?
Yes, FileMaker Go is a free download from the App Store. You can install this freely on as many devices as you wish and use them to access the SEDS database at no charge to you. Once you have downloaded the FileMaker Go app, you will need to add the MPSED host. The links below shows how to install FileMaker Go and add the host information.
Special Education Data System (SEDS)
Why doesn't my login work anymore?
We have had a lot of accounts which were never used, or not used in a long time. To help improve security these "idle" accounts are now being removed. If you have not logged into the system in over six months, then chances are you account was deactivated and/or removed. Please contact either Jim Robinson and/or Ellyn Lord  to request your account to be reactivated. We can be reached via email at and respecitively.
Special Education Data System (SEDS) via FileMaker Pro
How do I do fill out my timesheet?
The time sheet is only for use by hourly staff payed by MPSED. Click here for instructions on how to fillout your time sheet.
I'm getting the message "Host is not available, or the file is not available on that host", what should I do?
If you are seeing this message then it means that FileMaker Pro on your computer either cannot connect to our MPSED FileMaker Server, or that the SEDS file is not available on the server for some reason. There are actually several reasons why you might see this message. Here are some possible causes and what to try.
  • Building Network Issue? Are others in the building having issues accessing the network and/or Internet? If so, you probably found the problem. FileMaker communicates with the MPSED host via the Internet, so if the building's network or Internet is down, this will prevent you from reaching the MPSED host and files.
    1. You will need to wait for the building's tech support to resolve the network/Internet issue.
  • Computer network Issue? Can you see your Email? The Internet? If not, but the other computers in the building are fine it is probably an issue with your computer's network connection.
    1. Check the network cable between the computer and wall outlet (make sure it is plugged in and tight)
    2. Try turning the computer off and back on.
    3. If neither of the first two help. Notify your building's tech support and/or Jim Robinson that your computer cannot see the network.
  • Time and Date? If you can see the Internet fine, it may be caused by the date and time on your computer being off as strange as that may seem.
  1. Check your date and time, reset it if it is off more than a few minutes.
  2. Close and re-open FileMaker.
  • Computer needs to be restarted? Sometimes programs do not close properly, or the operating system doesn't clean up memory as well as it should, or memory gets corrupted, or a process doesn't quit, or ....
  1. Reboot the computer. One of your first trouble shooting steps should always be turn the computer off, wait a few seconds (10-20), and then turn the computer back on. This will often correct a surprising number of problems.
  • Notify me! If it isn't any of the above, then there really isn't anything else for you to try except to notify me of the problem. Additional issues that can cause this include:
  1. Issue with FileMaker Pro program on your computer
  2. Server is down, power outage, hardware failure, software problems
  3. FileMaker Server (the program) is frozen.
  4. Files on the server are not open or damaged
  5. Server's network or Internet connection is down (DPS#61 issue)
  6. The server is in the process of being restarted.

Special Education Data System (SEDS) via FileMaker Go
Why can't I use spell check?
Unfortunately spell check is not supported on the iPhone or iPad via FileMaker Go at this time.

Special Education Data System (SEDS) online via a web browser
Where is Office and Staff Forms?
On the Web version the Office and Staff Forms are located in the same spot but renamed to "My Stuff". My Stuff also contains the password reset, update user information, and iPad App Requests.

Where is iPad Forms & Resources?
In the online web versions of SEDS it has been moved under the "My Stuff" menu item.
Why am I getting the following message?
You will see this message when the MPSEDWeb server is up and running, but the FileMaker Web Publishing Engine is down or can't communicate with the main FileMaker Server. This can, and usually is caused by an issue with the Web Publishing Engine. FileMaker Pro users and FileMaker Go users are not effected when there is an issue with the Web Server or the Web Publishing Engine.

This message can also appear however when the main FileMaker Server is down, which would shut down not only the web interface, but also shutdown FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go users as well.

In either case, there is nothing you can do to fix or get around it. Please email me at to let me know the web interface is down. If you know FileMaker Pro users are down as well, please let me know it is everyone, not just the web. Your help is appreciated and I appologize for the inconvience this causes.

Restarting the Web Server is a quick fix and only takes a few minutes for the Web Server to come back up. If it is the Main FileMaker Server which goes down, then I will need to restart and get that server back online before restarting the Web Server so it will take longer.

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