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Macon-Piatt Special Education District Programs
Early Childhood Special Education Program
Our Early Childhood Special Education program is available in several sites in Macon and Piatt County for students aged 3-5 with early developmental needs

Early Childhood Special Education Classrooms have a variety of formats. Some classrooms are structured collaboratively with general education preschool classrooms and offer opportunities for students with disabilities to be educated with typically developing children.  Others are structured for more intensive services in a smaller class size format.  Decisions about student placements are made individually through the IEP process.
Social/Emotional Development Program
The Social/Emotional Development program is currently housed in specific schools in Decatur School District for students grades K-12.  This program teaches core  academic subjects in a safe environment, while focusing on teaching specific social and emotional regulation skills.  

This program offers a full-time social worker to address the emotional and social needs of the students who need this Program.  Students work on goals for self- regulation of emotions, coping skills, and peer interaction skills. Students earn increasing privileges by completing assigned work in a timely manner and by adhering to the behavioral guidelines of the program.
Visually Impaired Program
Available in student's home school, as well as centrally in a specific school in Decatur.  This program teaches adaptations needed for visually impaired and braille skills for the blind.  Assistive technology is a major component of this program.

Services provided by Macon-Piatt Vision Department include:

Materials Adaptation
   Braille to Print
   Print to Braille
   Enlarged Materials

Screenreading Software
   Kurzweil 1000

Materials requisition from Illinois Instructional Materials Center
   Braille textbooks
   Large print textbooks
   Electronic notetakers
   Manual braillewriters

For more information contact the Vision Department:
Hearing Impaired Program
The Hearing Program is available in student's home school, as well as centrally in a specific school in Decatur.  This program teaches skills for listening and speaking, as well as sign language.  Assistive technology is a major component of this program.

Here are some internet resources which might be helpful.

For more information or to schedule a hearing test, contact the Hearing Department:
Life Skills Program
The Life Skills Program is currently housed in specific schools in Decatur for students grades K-12.  Program focuses on alternative curriculum aligned to alternate state standards.  Students are taught functional skills in daily living, community living, recreation/leisure, and vocational training.

Essential Skills Program
The Essential Skills Program is currently housed in specific schools in Decatur for students grades K-12.  This program focuses on skills similar to that of Life Skills, with smaller class sizes and a smaller staff-to-student ratio.  Communication development is a primary focus.

Students in the Essential Skills Program often learn alternative ways to communicate.
Social-Emotional Learning Academy
Home of the Labradors
Social-Emotional Learning Academy (SELA): Providing alternative placement options for students who experience difficulty with the traditional school setting.

The SELA program, located within the old William Harris school building, is considered one of the most restrictive placements for students.  Students are placed at SELA when the behavioral needs of the student exceed the resources in the public school. The focus of the program is to offer focused behavioral training within a highly structured curriculum to help them return to the public school successfully.  Social work services are integral to helping these students make their goal to return to the public school.
Vocational Program
The Macon-Piatt Special Education Vocational Program is a vocational development program available to all special education students. The program aides in building and assessing skills needed to work within the community while enrolled in high school.

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